Indoor Mask Mandate
Due to the most recent county mask mandate, masks will be required indoors except for when eating and drinking. We will have masks available at the venue but please be aware! No masks will be required for guests for the outdoor portion of the wedding. Thank you!
Lauren Lee & Lucas Yeung

Lauren Lee


Lucas Yeung

Lauren Lee and Lucas Yeung

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Our Story

It was truly love at first sight. On their first date, Lauren was frantically looking for parking when she unintentionally met eyes with Lucas, who stood up from the park bench as she passed by, hoping that she was his date. It was but a split second, but that’s all that it took. Time seemed to slow to a halt as the stars aligned, as their destinies intertwined. After the first date, they were inseparable.

Immediately after, Lauren declared to her bewildered sister that she’d “found the one,” and Lucas proclaimed that he was going to “marry that girl” to his friends who thought he was crazy. From that moment forward, time flew by and on the third anniversary of their fateful encounter, Lucas brought an oblivious Lauren back to the exact bench where it all started. Diverting her attention to her mom and sister who were “coincidentally” there, he reached into his pocket, got on his knee, and as she turned around, asked her the question in front of all to see.

More than one year of video-conference calls, being reminded that “you’re on mute,” and effectively living a hermit’s life—one pandemic later, Lauren and Lucas are ecstatic to celebrate their union with their closest friends and family on August 7, 2021!
Phrosne Ras